At Forge Global security is a priority.

Our Security Outlook

Our infrastructure, operations and bitcoin security principles.

Military Grade Security

Our critical infrastructure is stored in military-grade vaults
We’ve built an integrated monitoring system to automatically detect, alert, and mitigate potential attacks.

Minimize Required Trust

We use a physically isolated, self-hosted system to reduce our dependency on third parties and their associated security risks. 
Employees have limited access to personally identifiable information.


Code commits must be signed and are never merged without review from multiple parties. 
Our systems receive independent penetration tests from leading global security firms.

Secure Bitcoin Custody

A new standard of security for financial services. 

  • Offline & in Cold Storage     
    We require multiple signatures to identify and authorize a transaction, reducing system vulnerability.  
  • Geographically Dispersed Keys                     
    Our Bitcoin infrastructure is self-hosted and physically located inside of military grade vaults in highly secure data center facilities.        
  • Layered Security
    Over 99% of clients’ Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage to maximize the security of their investment.
  • Military-grade Physical Storage              

           Access to cold storage keys requires traveling to multiple geographically dispersed locations.   

Account Security

All accounts are protected from theft by industry leading security standards.


  • Multi-factor Authentication                  
    We require multi-factor authentication upon account creation with a  time-based one-time password or SMS/Text verification.
  • Password Encryption                     
    Account passwords are hashed via bcrypt with a work factor of 14.

Data Security 

We protect your data with advanced security infrastructure.


  • Rigorously Managed Data Security Standards                     
    We store the least amount of data for the shortest time possible and use tiered, role-based access controls.    
  • Fully Encrypted Data                     
    All application data is encrypted with AES256-GCM.          
  • Self-hosted Infrastructure                     
    We use physically isolated, self-hosted infrastructure to eradicate the potential for Spectre-class vulnerabilities.  
  • Compliance & Certifications                     
    Non-critical operations leverage cloud infrastructure that has undergone SOC 2 Type II examinations.